Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Majority of the times, a water heater just sits in it’s place, performing it’s duties and rarely ever makes a nuisance of itself. For this reason, most homeowner do not take incentive to perform proper Water Heater Maintenance.

When proper Water Heater Maintenance is not performed, the results could be costly and in some cases DEADLY. While water heater inspection is a must, there are everyday signs to watch for to ensure proper Water Heater Maintenance is taking place.

Water Heater Maintenance 

We know what you’re probably thinking… “improper Water Heater Maintenance could be  deadly??” Well in some cases…YES! Water Heaters use gases and combustion to heat the water throughout your house. Sediment build up and improper installation can cause deadly gases, such a carbon monoxide (a gas not traceable by smell) to fill your house. 


First and foremost, each and every water heater comes equipped with guides and instructions that should be followed thoroughly. Nonetheless, ventilation is a key aspect in proper water heater installation; poorly connected vents can fall apart leading to back-drafting (deadly fumes returning into home instead of escaping the home) and other problems. Correct ventilation in most common water heaters will be installed with the vent facing up and out. Vents should be double walled to ensure all fumes are escaping through an outside wall or roof.


Water Heater MaintenanceWhile water on the floor around the shell may not mean the end of your water heater, it can be a great indicator of the state of your water heater. The shell of a water heater is not the actual water heater itself, it is merely the metal encasing around the water heater.

While the shell may not be the best way to determine the state inside of your water heater; it can often times be a great indicator. Look for signs of rust and erosion to ensure nothing has gone south during the installation of your water heater. 

While these may be simple things to look for, often times the state of a water heater can be difficult to determine. Which is why it is always a good idea that when you suspect an issue with your heater that you consult a professional for proper Water Heater Maintenance.

For More information visit: http://www.waterheaterrescue.com/Longevity/hot-water-heater-safety.html

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