It isn’t always easy to determine the difference between a Toilet that is bad, and one that simply needs maintenance. At times puddles of water near and around your toilet can mean cracks in the bowl, but not always and in most cases it is simply condensation from the bowl. When a toilet has gone bad it can cost you money if not taken care of in a timely fashion. Bad toilets waste water, wasted water is wasted money, and wasted money is money not spent on Ice Cream and other things you enjoy. Before you’re out a couple hundreds bucks….and a few scoops of mint chocolate, contact a professional if you notice any of these warnings signs…

Cracks in the Tank…

If you notice water on the floor around your Toilet and suspect there may be a crack in the tank, there is one simple trick you can try to determine where the crack is coming from. Put a couple drops of colored dye or food coloring (red or blue preferably) into the tank and the cranks will begin to reveal in those colors. If not discoloration is found throughout the tank, check the bolts and washers, could be a simple tightening up instead of a full replacement.

Cracks in the Bowl…

Often times odorous puddles around the toilet can mean cracks in the bowl. Cracks in the bowl are often hard to identify and you may need to have the toilet removed before the crack is located. Cracks in the toilet bowl are difficult to mend and often mean your toilet is bad. You will need to contact a professional to have your toilet replaced completely.

Mineral Deposits…

Most residential water supplies contain minerals, and these tend to collect around any opening through which the water passes. The inlet holes around the rim of the bowl are especially susceptible to blockages from mineral deposits, and as the toilet ages and the deposits grow, they cause reduced flow into the tank and incomplete flushes. Minerals also collect around the syphon tube at the bottom of the tank and prevent the flapper from sealing. The result is leakage into the bowl and wasted water. You can often chip away the deposits, but if they are extensive, a better alternative is to decommission the toilet.

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Is My Toilet Bad? Signs To Know

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