Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump

Tips Before Buying a Sump PumpIt isn’t uncommon for certain homes to not require a Sump Pump System; homes without basements, homes in areas that do not receive much rain yearly. Yet on the other hand, homes in areas that are prone to flooding may know the struggle of a owning a reliable Sump Pump Unit all too well. Sump Pumps are appliances designed to pump water from rain and flooding away from your home and into a nearby Sump pit.

It is also not very uncommon for these units to fail at inopportune moments, leaving the homeowners with a terrible mess and a hefty bill. In this article we will discuss the Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump and how to know which unit is best for your home. Before you’re left without a paddle, follow these bits of instructions to save your basement from a watery grave.

Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump

Whether your house has never had a Sump Pump system or in need of a fresh update here are a few practical Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump to save you stress in the long run.

Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump

Submersible Pump

1. Purchase a Submersible Pump over a Pedestal Pump. Submersible Pumps are installed in the ground so they take up less room. There are also concealed, protecting them from loose debris clogging up the pump in the future

2. Don’t buy cheap! Buying a Sump Pump with a cast iron core instead of a plastic core will drastically increase the life of your Sump Pump Unit.

3. Sump Pump with an Alarm. Purchasing a Pump system with an alarm may come in handy during a strong storm. This alarm will alert you when the water level has reached a certain point.

4. Battery Back-Up. Sump Pump units are electrical appliances and often during a bad storm the electricity can go out. Having a battery back-up will ensure that even when your power goes out, your Sump Pump is still doing it’s job.

 5. Secondary Sump Pump. In certain circumstances, it may be wise to invest in a secondary Pump unit; depending on the area you live in and the likelihood of bad flooding.

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