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Maryland Garbage Disposer PlumbingDisposal Units, or otherwise known as Garbage Disposers, are one of most common appliances in any kitchen in America. Disposal Units are also the most commonly misused appliance in most kitchens in America.

I’m sure you have seen someone do this (or have done it yourself); dump their last remaining noodles or casserole down the Garbage Disposer? This is the most improper use of a Disposal Unit and it can have seriously negative effects on your sink.

Maryland Garbage Disposer Plumbing for Homeowners

 Maryland Garbage Disposer PlumbingIn many cases, issues with Garbage Disposer Plumbing can be a quick fix, in some circumstances that is not the case. The Garbage Disposer is designed for small food debris rinsed from your plate, not full quantities of food. When this occurs the drain becomes clogged due to large portions of food not properly disposed of.

Proper etiquette is the key to a healthy Disposal unit. Sometimes even with correct use, Disposal units confront issues of clogging. Most Disposal units have a reset button located on the bottom of them. If pressing this does not correct the issue, it may be time to have a professional take a look at your unit.

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At Custom Flow Plumbers LLC, our technicians are highly skilled and trained in Garbage Disposer Plumbing Repair and Installation. With over 28 years of experience, we have been servicing the Maryland & Washington area with top Disposal Unit repairs and solutions. If you are noticing your Disposal unit having issues or difficulties getting rid of your waste and food debris, it may be time to get the opinion of a professional. Don’t let Disposal problems clog up your day, put it in our hands and we’ll make the issue go away.

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