Hot Shower Water Difficulties

Hot Shower Water Difficulties

Experiencing Hot Shower Water Difficulties? The first thing most homeowner like to think, is the issue has to do with the water heater. Although, in many circumstances this may be the case, Hot Shower Water Difficulties may be caused by several various issues.

It can suck when you wake up on a cold morning and nothing but brisk water comes out the shower faucet. Follow these tips to make sure your hot shower water is working properly.

Hot Shower Water Difficulties

Time of Use

One of the first things to consider is the time of day in which you are using the shower. If it is right after a spouse or your family members have taken a shower, then the issue may simply be that they have used up all the hot water. Washer machines can take up much of your hot water also. It is best to avoid taking a hot shower when the washer machine is running. Allow up to 30 minutes to pass before trying to take a hot shower after someone else already had.

Shower Valve

Often times the washers and O-rings in your valve can decay and become worn out causing your hot and cold water to mix. If this is the case, you can find supplies at your nearest Supply Store and generally take care of the replacing the Washers by your self.


Often a good idea to test what the possible issue could be is to check the hot water in several different faucets throughout the house. This will help you determine if there is an issue with the plumbing or with that particular shower faucet. If the other faucets have a steady stream of hot water than, the issue is solely with the Shower faucet. If not, the issue could be worst and contacting a professional might not be a bad idea.

Water Heater 

The hopes are that water heater issues are the last case scenario, as water heater repairs can become pricey. Nonetheless, the first thing to do is make sure the water heater temp. is set correctly. If you have an older conventional water heater, than it is possible that the Dip Tube may have become faulty. Electric water heaters often have parts that burn out or become faulty overtime as well. If the faucets throughout your house are not producing steady streams of hot water, check the faucet strainers for tiny bits and pieces of plastic. This is a tall tell sign that your Dip Tube has deteriorated.

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