Home Owners Sewage Pump Guide

Home Owners Sewage Pump Guide If you are a current homeowner or have been in the past, you may have heard of a Sewage Pump. Not to be mistaken for a Sump Pump; a Sewage Pump is designed to remove waste far away from your home and into a septic system.

Sewage Pumps are the silent guardians in a household yet constantly go unnoticed and unattended. In today’s blog, “Home Owners Sewage Pump Guide” we familiarize you with what exactly a Sewage Pump does and why it is so important for your household.

Home Owners Sewage Pump Vs. Sump Pump

While a Sewage Injector and Sump Pump may appear the same; they are altogether entirely different. Sump Pumps are primarily designed to pump liquids and small parts of debris; while a Sewage Pump is designed to remove heavier solids.

A Sewage Pump is able to have 2-3 times the output of a Sump Pump, this is due to the fact a Sewage Pump is designed to run less often but with more power. The installation of a Sewage Pump is very similar to that of a Sump Pump. The main difference is that with a Sewage Pump a special vent must be installed to eliminate the foul odor from the waste.

Pumps made of cast-iron ensure a longer lifespan for your Sewage Pump. The sewage is broken down and pumped away from the home into what is called a Septic Tank or Septic system. These systems are to ensure the waste is disposed of properly and in the correct guidelines of the District.

For More information visit: https://www.sumppumpsdirect.com/stories/316-How-to-Pick-the-Perfect-Sewage-Pump.html

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