Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints

 Garbage Disposer Tips and HintsGarbage Disposer Tips and Hints

The garbage disposer is often one of the most misused appliance in the household kitchen. Although made to fairly long lifespan, the Garbage Disposer is often needing repair and replacement due to simple bad practices from the homeowner.

Whether it be a jam, a leak or simply a clog, in today’s blog we will discuss simple practices that you the homeowner can take to extending the lifespan of your Garbage Disposer. Before you spend hundreds on a new Disposal Unit try these nifty Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints!

Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints for Homeowners

Before ever attempting to diagnose problems with a Disposal Unit always make sure that the Garbage Disposer is unplugged and cannot turn on.

Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints1. Clogged Disposal

Stagnant water in the sink is more than often the sign of a clogged drain and not a clogged Disposal Unit.  Dismantling the drain pipe under the sink and clearing it of excess food debris will often solve this issue fairly easily.

2. Garbage Disposer Leak

Due to the thrashing and shaking from the Garbage Disposer it is not uncommon for a screw or gasket to simply become loose. This can easily be fixed by locating the point of the leak, and tightening the loose connection. If locating the leak proves to be difficult, run the faucet (not the Disposal Unit) in attempts to better locate the point of the leak.

3. Jammed Disposal

If you find your disposal unit has become jammed, there are several solutions you may try to solve the problem; if an object of substance has been placed in the disposal unit that should not be there(metal, glass etc…), remove the object with a pair of tongs or pliers, NOT your hand. Another option would be to located the hex shape hole at the bottom of the Disposal Unit. With a hex wrench, insert into the hole and force the impellers back and forth a few times in attempts to free the impellers.

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