Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump

Tips Before Buying a Sump Pump It isn't uncommon for certain homes to not require a Sump Pump System; homes without basements, homes in areas that do not receive much rain yearly. Yet on the other hand, homes in areas that are prone to flooding may know the struggle of [...]

Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints

Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints  Garbage Disposer Tips and Hints The garbage disposer is often one of the most misused appliance in the household kitchen. Although made to fairly long lifespan, the Garbage Disposer is often needing repair and replacement due to simple bad practices from the homeowner. Whether it [...]

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3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure

3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure  3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure Is the constant drip-drip from the bathroom faucet keeping you up at night? Apart from being extremely annoying, that drip could mean you have a faulty faucet and could be costing you valuable money. Whether in the kitchen or [...]

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How Your Toilet Can Save Your Water Bill

More than 47% of water usage in most homes in America occurs in the bathroom, with nearly 30% coming from the toilet alone. Many homes are able to cut down on their water bill by following one of two of these simple steps. How Your Toilet Can Save Your Water Bill Fixing Cracks  & [...]

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Is My Toilet Bad? Signs To Know

It isn't always easy to determine the difference between a Toilet that is bad, and one that simply needs maintenance. At times puddles of water near and around your toilet can mean cracks in the bowl, but not always and in most cases it is simply condensation from the bowl. When a toilet has [...]

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5 Signs You Need a New Water Heater.

Its 6am, you wake up to prepare to leave for work, you go to the bathroom, turn on the shower and then you realize it...there's no Hot Water. Water Heaters can give out at some of the most inconvenient moments, but there are a few signs you can check for that may determine its [...]

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