3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure

 3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure

Is the constant drip-drip from the bathroom faucet keeping you up at night? Apart from being extremely annoying, that drip could mean you have a faulty faucet and could be costing you valuable money.

Whether in the kitchen or bathroom, faucets endure the most wear and tear due to constant heavy use. They are often the most frequently used appliance in the home. Faucets are made up various tiny parts, which can make it difficult to determine the root of the problem. But more often than not, these three particular parts are the root of that annoying steady drip.

 3 Common Causes of Faucet Failure

Rubber washers. Also known as seal or gasket, when worn out, these can cause leaks around the base of the faucet or under the knobs or handle.

Pipe connections. There are several various connections in your sink, and over time they can corrode or loosen, causing leaks. This is more commonly found with kitchen sinks with disposals, due to the vibration of the disposal it can cause the pipes to move.

O-rings. These hold the faucet handle in place, so it is another common are where due to wear can cause leaks near the base of the handle.

Leaking faucets can become costly overtime so it is important to have the issued handled before it becomes worst. Checkout our page on Maryland Faucet Repair & Replacement to determine what a good option for household would be.

For more info on causes of Faucet failure checkout: http://www.dauenhauerplumbing.com/News-Events/Article/121/The-3-Biggest-Causes-of-Faucet-Failure

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